So now I have tests running every night

I have tests running every night, great. Now I need to monitor the results.

The tests are written in Perl and to test a CLI. The tests are not super important or contain any measurable coverage but allow me to see a problem right off the bat that needs to be solved now. I now have to go look at a file generated and see what the deltas are. Here is how I got to this point.

  • Create Perl libraries to figure out what build is on a machine and load a different one
  • Make an object that encapsulates all the Expect code to communicate with the device I am testing.
  • Generate tests using the object with Perl’s Test::More module.
  • Write a program that looks at Cruise Control build machine finds the latest build use the library to load this onto the test machine then run the tests.

So, here is the problem now, I am looking at a file every morning to see what the results are. I see this output:

ok 1 - timeout set to 120 minutes
ok 2 - timeout set to 5 minutes
ok 3 - timeout set to 101 minutes
ok 11 - timeout 5 minutes after disconnect
ok 12 - timeout set to 120 minutes

So I now want to move this to my database and have to program e-mail when there is a delta. I can look at the results with some CRUD scaffolding. Later, there will be web testing that will use Watir and be in Ruby.

How do I do this?

Write something like Test::More in Perl and Ruby that connects to a database?

Or extened Test::More to do this. What about Ruby? Extend RSpec to do this?

I like the power you get from tools like RSpec and Test::More but do they work well outside of a unit test environment?

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