Is it time to test with AWS Lambdas?

If you application is written to run in Amazon AWS are Lambdas not the perfect way to run your system and integration tests?  Currently you are limited to Node, Python or Java for writing Lambdas but you have 5 minutes to execute your test and you can run 100 of them concurrently.  Unlike an an EC2 instance the minimum charge is 100 milliseconds plus $0.20 for every million calls after the first million.  The prices are here:  If you wanted to save money you would have the tests cascade from one lambda to another and short circuit tests when other fail.

Testing API calls will only take a few milliseconds but even UI tests might run under the 300 second limit but I have worked at places where that be hard to do but it would be headless.

If I only had a AWS app to test.

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