Hard to Ignore Build Status


When the number of builds and tests you are looking after start to grow the dashboards are easy to forget.  A solution is to have some NeoPixel lights sitting in your group area that clearly indicate what is building, what is working and what isn’t working.

The goal here was to build something obvious that costs around $20 that could be seen in a team area.  I didn’t want the tech to be intrusive so I just read messages out of Slack from TeamCity then later Jenkins.  Because this is reading messages from a Slack bot anybody can set one of these up as long as they have permission to the slack channel and it doesn’t matter how many people are consuming these messages.

I would like to use a different controller to untether this from my computer as it shuts down when I go to meetings now.  The messages I get from the build bots can be hard to read when you are building pull requests and various branches.  It might need HipChat support too.



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