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Continuous integration and testing

December 26, 2013

Automated tests that are not running in your continuous integration system don’t count.

It is difficult to keep my automated tests running in Jenkins.  The iOS tests use the Apple emulator that the developers use.  I, as well as many of the Android testers used Genymotion until 2.0 came out.  The tests worked when the build machine was running Mountain Lion but not with Mavericks.  Another issue is getting the build bits from the the Jenkins projects that make the applications to the projects that test the applications.  For the HomeAway application there is a single test job for both application projects.

Even though the Android and iOS applications are tested with the same project and the same code testing them with Jenkins are different problems with less in common than I would expected.  Initially I wanted to cover both of these topics with one blog post but I will probably post about these separately and several times each.